Monday, August 6, 2012

Washington DC Day 1

On day 2 of Bri and my road trip, we left Pittsburgh for our first destination, Washington DC.

But first, Brian had to get a peak at downtown Pittsburgh and their baseball and football stadium.  Conveniently these were right next to each other and we drove on a bridge that looked just like the one from Dark Knight Rises! I thought that was pretty cool.  Also, don’t worry, the football stadium was not actually blown up as it appeared to be in the movie...Also, it was raining quite a bit, so we just drove by and tried to take the best pictures we could.

Dark Knight Bridge

Next, it was an easy 4 hours to DC.  We arrived around 2 and just hung out around my Uncle Paul and Aunt Susie’s house.  There was even the extra treat of seeing my cousin, Dave, his wife, Sam and their kids, Matty and Jason.  Jason is the newest member of the clan and he was so cute! I got to hold him and he just fell asleep in my arms! We had a lovely home-cooked meal: Uncle Paul grilled chicken and veggies and we made some corn on the cob.  Plus, Grandma Trudy was over and she brought her “famous” blueberry torte.  It totally deserved the famous title; it was delicious.  I begged her for the recipe, which she promised to send me, and she told me that it worked with plenty of fruits and I should try out different combinations.  Don’t worry Grandma Trudy, I definitely will!

After dinner, Bri and I followed my family’s advice and headed to Baltimore to walk along the Inner Harbor.  Much to Bri’s delight, Camden Yards turned out to be right next to it and we got to see the stadium as well! Most of the shops on the Inner Harbor were closed, but it was still a nice night and it was very pretty over there.  We did get to go into a cute candy shop called, IT’S SUGAR, that was probably the most epic candy shop I have ever seen.  Then, we headed back to the house to watch some Olympics and get some sleep.  What a nice and relaxing day!

Pop Can Art-Michael Jackson! Cool right?


  1. That candy store looks awesome! I'm going to have to remember this place for when I'm in that area!