Thursday, August 9, 2012

New York City Day 2

I am so sorry that this is so late!  Our day got off to a pretty slow start...

Yesterday in New York City, we started our day off with a trip to the 9/11 Memorial site.  It was really lovely to see what they have done there and Bri and I found it to be really nice.  We both could not believe how much has changed since that day.  It is sad to think about what happened, but it was also nice to see how they are rebuilding now.  We were both really glad to have stopped by there.

Afterwards, we went over to the High Line Rail for a nice walk, good views, and lunch!  My friend, Denise, spent the summer in NYC and she highly recommended this place.  We started off near 12th street and saw that we could enter on 23rd.  So, we walked all the way up to 23rd, entered the High Line, and found out that all the food options were near 12th and 15th...and, of course, there are other entrances there.  Just our luck!  We had to walk all the way back! However, this time we were on the High Line and it was nice to appreciate the city from up there.  We split a mushroom melt from Northern Spy Co. and a Cinnamax ice cream sandwich from Melt.  It was all amazing!  Plus, we ended back near 12th street and the Chelsea Market!

The market was really fun and although I wanted to buy everything in sight, I refrained.  After some shopping and sightseeing we had to head uptown towards Serendipity 3 for our dinner reservation.

We had about a 4.5 mile walk ahead of us, but a lot of time, so we decided to walk most of it to see the city and then grab a cab if needed.  We ended up having enough time to do the entire walk and after 4.5 miles we were a little sweaty and super hungry.  Arriving at the restaurant was really exciting.  Plus, since we had a reservation, we didn't need to wait the almost 1 hour that it was going to take for a table for 2.  We ordered their famous frozen hot chocolate to split, (it was awesome), I got salmon with veggies, and Bri got a veggie burger.  Everything was really very good!

After dinner, we went to Dylan's Candy Bar.  It was just down the street!  This place was crazy cute.  Besides having every kind of candy imaginable, there was also a chocolate fountain, fudge shop, build your own peanut butter, jelly, and marshmallow fluff sandwiches, a bakery, ice cream parlor, and Candy Bar.  Bri and I were drawn to the candy bar where the drinks were made with different candies and you enjoyed them while sitting in a cupcake booth.  We ordered a Chocolatini and it was awesome.

Now, originally we intended to get dessert at Magnolia's Bakery.  One might guess that a frozen hot chocolate and chocolatini would be enough...but nope! We definitely got a red velvet cupcake to split as well!  I mean, it's a famous bakery, how can I pass that up?   The frosting was really tasty, but  Goergetown Cupcakes certainly takes the cake.  It was yummy, but it wasn't my favorite.  Still, I've gotta figure out how to make frosting like them...I'll work on it!

So far, the night was turning out to be super fun, yummy, and sweet.  It only got better! We headed downtown to Union Square to hit up some nightlife spots recommended by Denise.  We started out at Penny Farthings, a cute restaurant and bar that was clearly very popular.  Next, we went to the famous McSorley's, the oldest bar in the city, where you have a choice of light or dark beer.  After that, we went to 230 5th Ave, a rooftop bar with the best skyline sites of the city I have ever seen.  This stop ended up being our favorite!  Then, we stopped by Ace Hotel, which was also a really nice and cozy place.  After all this, it was time to head back uptown towards Times Square and Grand Central Station.  We had heard about a fun place called Jimmy's Corner that was near Times Square and good for less expensive drinks.  It was super cute with great service and a fun way to end the night.

After these two crazy days, I am in need of lots of sleep.  I can't wait for tomorrow when we drive to Boston (Bri's turn to drive, so I get to nap :)).


  1. I love Dylan's and Max Brenner's!!! (The choc. pizza isn't my fav though)--I see that you've found that Magnolia's is overrated, they're Ok but...yeah.

    1. It was such a fun and yummy evening overall!

  2. I've watched them put the frosting on the magnolias cupcakes. You glob on a ton of frosting with an offset spatula. Level off the top and smooth out the edge. Then you take the offset spatula and carve the gouge around the center of the frosting. Voila! They do it in about five seconds flat. But yeah, there are so many better cupcakes in town. Mags does make one mean banana bread pudding though!

    1. Good to know! I'll have to give it a try!