Sunday, August 12, 2012

Boston Day 3

Today we got to spend another great day in Boston.  We started off really early because we had to get downtown for our Freedom Trail 5K.  This wasn't your typical 5K.  First of all, it wasn't a race.  It was a running tour.  A tour guide leads you through the Freedom Trail and while you run about 3.25 miles, you stop 17 times along the way to learn about Boston and it's history.  Follow the link above for fun photos from the run taken by our guide!

All ready to go!

Capitol Buildingd
The Franklins, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere,
and John Hancock are buried here. 

Location of Boston Massacre
Statue of Paul Revere

Skinniest House in Boston! 

Bunker Hill Battle Monument 

The run was so fun and we got a beverage, t-shirt, and ferry boat ride back at the end.  Those photos are only about 1/4 of the sights we got to see and hear about!  If you are ever visiting Boston or live nearby, you should definitely do this.  It was awesome!  In about 2 hours, we got in a great work-out and saw a ton of the city.  The guide was great and it made for an amazing morning.

On the ferry!
Afterwards, we were starving and so we changed out of our sweaty clothes and headed to the Faneuil Hall Marketplace to walk around, check out their shops, and get lunch from their food court.  The marketplace reminded us a lot of Navy Pier.  It was cute, but pretty expensive.  Plus, there was even a merry-go-round!  Then, we walked through the food court.  Oh my, it was insane.  It was like a food court on steroids.  There were tons of restaurants and restaurant stalls.  Bri opted for a mac n cheese place where you can design all sorts of mac n cheese or grilled cheese meals.  He got mac n cheese with a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich and tomato soup.  I ended up getting the chef's special at Boston Chowda Co: Lobster Roll with a small New England Clam Chowda.  We both had more food than we knew what to do with and everything was amazing.  I was super happy about my fresh New England food!  Then, we needed to walk more because we felt so stuffed!

At this point, we were feeling pretty full/tired/sweaty and so we headed back to Marblehead for a quick car tour of the town by my brother and then some long showers.

For dinner, Bri and I joined my brother and his family at this cute joint on the beach.  The place was called Lime Rickey's and it was great.  It's fast food, but classy fast food.  We ordered all sorts of stuff and of course I just had to try the Raspberry Lime Rickey.  They were also known for their ice cream and so Bri and I just had to try that as well.  

Mint Chip
Moosetracks and Coffee...
because I couldn't decide on one...
After a lovely dinner with an amazing view of the ocean, we went back to their house to relax and get a lot of sleep.  We are driving 8 hours to Buffalo tomorrow and we are going to need the rest after our early morning today! 

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