Friday, August 10, 2012

Boston Day 1

We woke up Thursday pretty darn exhausted from all our shenanigans in NYC.  Bri's family was awesome and took us out for a great brunch/lunch and then we were off for Boston.  Bri drove, which was amazing, because I was able to catch a few more zzz's in the car!

The first stop we made was Harvard.  Bri is getting ready to apply to law schools for graduate school and we figured since we were in the area, we should see what Harvard is all about.  We walked around Harvard Square and then through the Law campus.  It was gorgeous and the town looked really cute.  Plus, after about a 10 minute drive, we were back in the city of Boston.  It would be amazing if he went there! I'm seriously loving Boston  so far.


Crazyness on Campus

Walking through a lovely grassy area


Lookin' like a law student!

After our Harvard stop, we drove into the city for dinner at Max Brenners.  This place was a NYC recommendation, but we didn't have time to go there.  However, when we were on their website, we saw that they had a Boston location and we decided to make it our dinner place!  You can get breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks, and desserts at this place.  Max Brenner is a chocolatier and the place specializes in all sorts of chocolate delights.  There are a thousand sweet drinks and desserts and their french fries are even dusted with cocoa and chili powder.  Yum!  The food was yummy, we both got paninis with their fries and the dessert was awesome.  We decided to split their chocolate pizza.  We decided that it was very yummy; the chocolate sauce was amazing.  We weren't so crazy about the marshmallows on top and if we wanted to get it again, we would have just opted for peanut butter sauce.  Overall, it was a fun experience.

Next, we wanted to walk around a bit, and I noticed that Emack & Bolio's was just around the corner.  For those of you who just met me or somehow missed this: I do have an ice cream addiction.  I also have developed a decent ice cream-dar, sort of like a radar where I can discover the nearest ice cream location no matter where I am.  Also, Boston is known for fantastic ice cream and Emack & Bolio's is one of the more famous places.  We got to walk around this super cute area in the Back Bay and then we checked out the ice cream shop.  They had a ton of great flavors.  We both got samples of their brown sugar brown butter flavor, but it was way too sweet.  They also made their own chocolate frozen yogurt so we decided to split a small Reese's Pieces Bomb (chocolate frozen yogurt soft serve with reese's pieces all mashed together).  We were both really impressed by the yogurt.  It was practically perfect and the chocolate flavor was great.  Plus, we split the dessert at dinner and this it's like we only got one dessert...right?

After this, it was time to get some sleep! We were both feeling pretty tired from our lack of sleep in NYC and our drive to Boston and so it was off to bed! Tomorrow we get to spend the whole day here and I can't wait!  I'm thinking some New England Clam Chowder is a must...

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