Thursday, December 29, 2011

Door County Day 1

Door County

Today was our first full day in Door County.  Me, my mom and dad, brother, Zack, and Brian are all here for a little relaxation before the New Year.  We are staying at the Newport Resort in Egg Harbor and it is lovely.  The only problem we have encountered is that a lot of places are closed for the winter season.  However, we have found a ton of stuff to do and it has been really nice.

Last night, we bought groceries at the local store and then went out for dinner at this place called Shipwrecked.  Then, we came back to the hotel (around 6) and read books in front of our fireplace and watched movies.  I felt about 80 years old, but it was so nice! I am reading Cold Mountain and it's my goal to finish it by the end of this trip!

Today my mom, Brian, and I went downstairs to the fitness center and worked out for a bit.  Then, after a nice skype call with my friend Caryn from school, we all got ready and headed out for the day.  Oh, and by the way, getting ready also meant calling housekeeping to come take care of the flood started by Zack clogging the toilet and then Brian trying to fix it.  Yep, wouldn't be a family vacation without that sort of thing happening.  Anyways, after the flood was cleaned up, we all headed out to check out what Egg Harbor has to offer.

We started at the Main Street Shoppes and did some retail-therapy.  I purchased a beautiful bag that will be perfect for carrying all of my school stuff.  We also went into this store that sold items made in Britain.  Zack got a candy bar and Brian got a beer.  It was called Banana Bread Beer and it did indeed taste like banana bread with beer.  Then, we checked out the gelato shoppe and the cheese shoppe.  (I'm really liking the use of the word's for a shop, but cuter).  Zack and I bought a cute cat mug for our mom and we also bought two kinds of cheese that tasted amazing and are meant for the wine and cheese night we are planning on having.

Lunch was next.  We went to the Village Cafe, which was highly recommended, and it did not disappoint.  Not only was the food yummy, but the place also had great art pieces available for sale.  Therefore, the decor was cute as well!  Zack and I both got hot chocolates and they were HUGE.  We ended the meal with a  Door County Cherry Pie.

hot cocoa!
Cherry Pie

After lunch we headed out to check out some of the local wineries.  We had no idea that Door County had so many! We ended up going to the Simon Creek Winery and the Door Peninsula Winery.  We also purchased no fewer than 18 bottles of wine and 2 bottles of beer. we are definitely prepared for that wine and cheese night.

We came back to the hotel after all of this (it was only 4:30) and we snacked on appetizers and watched Les Miserables in Concert.  Brian and I had rented it from the library thinking it was the actual play.  My family loves that play and so we thought it was appropriate.  The "in Concert" version does not have any acting though and it made it much harder to follow the story.  I also finished my book! It was great and I highly recommend it.  It was very beautiful and a bit depressing.  Now, I am going to start A Small Hotel which my mom took out from the library.

Side note: If you don't know this about me, I LOVE to read.  Whenever I am not in school, I basically drink in books.  Over the summer I read about 9.  That included both the Hunger Games Series and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.  I also recently saw the movie of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and it was great! I am a strong supporter of reading a book before seeing the movie so if you intend to see this movie please read the book first.  It makes it better.

Anyways, after a night of snacking, musicals, reading, and finally, Apples to Apples, it was time for bed.  See you tomorrow for Day 2 of our Door County experience :)

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