Sunday, September 2, 2012

Farmer's Market!

Today I am just going to ramble a bit.  I've been really busy getting ready for my student teaching to begin (more on that later) and it has been really hectic around here.  The past few days were teacher inservice days and it was really great to get started, meet everyone, and start planning for the year! Also, I have been super busy getting back into work mode at my job through the University.  It has all been really exhausting, but also really fun!

Saturday in Madison means one thing: Farmer's Market.  It is an amazing farmer's market and so fun to walk up state street and around the capitol.  Since it was also game day, everyone was wearing red and it was so cool to see everyone out and about enjoying the amazing weather.  I can't believe it is already September! Soon it will be crazy cold so I have to get out and enjoy this while I can!

I found some beautiful portabella mushrooms and my friend, Max, got a scone.  Somehow we refrained from buying Spicy Cheesy Bread from Stella's Bakery.  That bread is out of this world! Almost everyone at the Farmer's Market buys it and then just eats it as they walk around.  You can tell how long people have been at the market based on how much bread they have left! However, we had both already had breakfast and I don't have enough room in my fridge right now to store it!

Speaking of my fridge, it is now pretty packed with lots of good veggies like those portabellas, zucchini, red pepper, and onion.  I am going to have to make something soon! Any suggestions?

After the market, I had to get ready to work.  Union South is always hopping on game days because the Badger Bash takes place there before the game.  I was staffed to help out at the Badger Bash.  Even though I couldn't go to the game, it was pretty awesome to be part of the bash and all the spirit.  Everyone has such a great time in Madison when there is a game and it is amazing to see how many people come out to take part in the day in some way.  Plus, we won!

It was a great day and now I gotta go whip up something with these fantastic veggies!

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