Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wedding Planning Wednesday Part 5 and Inception Cookies

I do have some exciting developments to share in our wedding planning extravaganza.  But first:

Happy National Running Day!  I have some new shoes arriving today to help kick off my marathon training for the Chicago Marathon.  Plus, I decided to sign up for ANOTHER marathon.  Jana and I have been looking for a spring marathon so that we can have a "runcation."  We decided to sign up for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in Nashville!  I am pretty excited about this.  This marathon is not until April 30 so I will have a ton of time after the Chicago one to rest up and train.  Yay running! I know many of you think I am insane, but I just love it :)

Also, it's finals week and you know what that means: COOKIES!!! I made a ton of Inception Cookies for all my kiddos to celebrate finishing the year on a good note.  Currently, I am sitting in my Algebra Advanced final and I am watching them work really hard.  I am pretty proud of these guys and they totally deserve some cookies.  Plus, I found Cookie Dough Oreos! I know, what? Yes, cookie dough! So really these Inception Cookies are like TRIPLE inception: A cookie, within a cookie, within a cookie!
Inception Cookies
And now, the wedding plans.  We (almost) have a DJ!!! I set up two meetings with Style Matters and Toast and Jam to talk about music.  So we have a place, a rabbi, a photographer, and a DJ!!! I am still working on my "ask the bridesmaids" project and I am going to get started on figuring out food and a wedding website as soon as school is out!  Things are getting pretty exciting!  If anyone has advice on DJ's or good recommendations, I would love to hear them!  We are pretty much decided on using a DJ over a band because of finances, but if you know of a great band that is reasonable, I would love to hear that as well!! Thanks for all the advice I have already been getting from you guys!