Monday, June 29, 2015

Marathon Training Monday

So I'm halfway through the base training portion.  This means that runs are getting longer, but they are not that long.  In about 1 month, I will be running at least 13 miles every weekend!  I guess I should enjoy this base training while I can!  I just got back from a 3 mile run.  The other midweek runs for this week are 4 miles and then 3 miles again.  On Saturday, I will be running 9.  Currently, I am icing my knee and doing some stretches because if you are keeping track, this week I will be running a combined total of 19 miles and that is more than I've done in a while!

This past Saturday was a taper long run.  I only had to run 5!  That is the shortest long run of the marathon training program and it was awesome.  It was also Pride Weekend, so I had a ton of things to do and I was grateful for the short run that started my morning off in a great way, but didn't take up too much time.

This past Saturday was also my buddy, Caryn's, going away party.  She is leaving for this incredible excursion to Asia and I am going to miss her a whole lot.  If anyone who reads this has any advice on traveling, Asia, or being away for 2 months, I will pass it along to her!

This week, besides running, I am also going to be getting ready for two of my best buds from college to come in town for the 4th of July! I can't wait!!!

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