Monday, June 1, 2015

New Running Shoes

Welcome back to another Marathon Monday!  This Monday is extra special because it is my last day teaching before finals!! I can't believe I am finishing up my second year and embarking on my third!  My second period class decided that since they all like each other a lot, we should have a little party.  I agreed with liking them all a lot and thought it was pretty cute that they decided to plan this.  Besides our little party, we are also spending the day going over reviews and making sure that everyone is ready for finals.  I am genuinely going to miss so many of my students from this year, but I am also so excited for summer and to see what next year brings.

This Marathon Monday, I am excited to talk about my brand new running shoes! When training for a marathon, the advice is to buy two pairs of shoes because you train in one pair until the 20 mile run, and then you switch to a fresh pair to get ready for race day.  I have been running in Aisecs for forever now, but since my GT 2002 2's are no longer produced, I switched to GT 2000 3.  They are supposed to be even better and I can't wait to see how they feel.  Plus they are adorable:

The first official day of training is June 7th!  I can't wait to bust these guys out and get my marathon training started! If you want to see more about my training you can check that out here: Jodie B - Team Have Dreams


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