Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Hungry Hungarian Part 2

As promised,  here is the second installment in my Hungry Hungarian series.  This recipes combines some great flavors into what I like to call a parfait-pie.  That's right, parfait-pie.  This dessert is like a pie, but there are layers!

I am also excited to announce that yesterday I presented a presentation that counted as the final for two of my three classes and now all I have to do is turn in one paper (which is already done) and I am on summer vacation!!! I can't wait to be on break! I love having my mornings back so that I can run more and cook more! Plus, going home to Chicago means being with my family and catching up with all of my friends.  I seriously cannot wait!

My summer goals include: reading a ton of books (I am open to suggestions!), running more, blogging more, being the best day camp site director the town has ever seen, planning for my student teaching in the fall, brainstorming ideas for my new DTS positions (elections were last night) as Sister RA, Fundraising Chair, and Academic Chair (phew that's going to be a lot) and...drum roll please...I've decided to aim for doing a half marathon! If anyone has any advice in any of these areas I would be super grateful to hear it!
Cookbook Picture

I hope that you all enjoy this recipe, it was much easier than the other one.  Plus, this guy came out looking much more like the photo and it made me really happy.  AND, of course, Mario (my Hungry Hungarian) loved it!

Flodni (Apple, Walnut, and Poppy Seed Bars)

3 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup powdered sugar
a pinch of salt
1 cup unsalted butter, cold and cut into 1/2 inch cubes
1/2 cup + 1 tbsp water
2 egg yolks
Apple Filling:
2 1/2 lbs. Granny Smith Apples, peeled
2 tbsp honey (I used orange blossom honey)
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp cinnamon
Walnut Filling:
2 cups walnuts
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
Poppy Seed Filling:
1 cup ground poppy seeds
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
Egg Wash:
1 egg yolk
1 tsp water

1. In a large bowl, whisk the flour, sugar, and salt. In a food processor, pulse this mixture with the cubes of butter until the mixture looks like wet sand.  Pour into a bowl.  In a small bowl, beat the egg yolks with the water.  Using a fork, mix the egg mixture into the flour mixture.  Form the dough into a ball, you may need to add a little water.  Form four equal balls of dough and shape into rectangles about 4 by 5 inches. Wrap each rectangle in plastic wrap and place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
2. While the dough chills, make the fillings. First, make the apple filling: take 2/3 of the apples and slice 1/4 inch slices. With the remaining 1/3 of the apples, chop into small pieces, discard all the cores. Place the apples, honey, lemon juice, and cinnamon in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Cook covered until the apples start to release juices.  Cook uncovered for until apples are tender, about another 8 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool.
3. Make the walnut filling: place walnuts and sugar in a food processor and pulse until walnuts are finely chopped. Place mixture in a small saucepan over medium heat with the water and bring to a boil.  Cook for about 3 minutes, or until mixture thickens and becomes a paste.  Remove from heat and let cool.
4. Make the poppy seed filling: place ground poppy seeds, sugar, and water in a small saucepan and cook over medium-high heat until water completely dissolves and mixture thickens.  Remove from heat and let cool.
5. Preheat oven to 400 degrees with rack in center position and a baking sheet on the rack.  Grease a 9 by 13 inch glass pan (I used metal and it was fine).
6. Take the dough out of the fridge and on a lightly floured surface roll out one piece so that it can be fitted to the bottom of your pan.  Place the dough in the pan and spread the cooled apple mixture over the dough. Next, roll out another piece of dough so that it can be fitted to the pan and place over the apples.  Spread the walnut mixture on this layer.  Roll out the third piece of dough and place on top of the walnuts.  Spread the poppy seed mixture out on this layer.  Finally, roll out the fourth piece of dough and lay over the top of the poppy seed mixture.  Pierce the dough in several places with a fork.
7. Make the egg wash by beating the egg yolk with the water.  Spread the egg wash over the top of the dough.  Place pan in the oven on top of the baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes.  Reduce heat to 350 and continue to bake for another 50 minutes.  Dough with be lightly browned.  Remove from oven and let cool for 15 minutes.  Run a knife around the sides to ensure the pastry is not sticking.  Let pastry cool overnight.  Once completely set, careful cut slices in the pastry and remove from the pan with a spatula.  Store in fridge and serve chilled.
Enjoy :)


  1. It was yummy. Mario had me try some. I was hesitant at first but boy did that taste good. Almost like apple pie but with more taste to it. Good job Jodie!

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I hope that your summer is off to a great start...miss you already!

  2. This is gorgeous!! Nice job! I bet it tastes as good as it looks too.
    Congrats on being done with school. Although, it sounds like you've still got your plate full this summer. I've done three half marathons and they are so much fun. ITs a very manageable distance to train for and then you can definitely spend more time in the kitchen "testing" sweets after your long runs. :-)

    1. Thanks! I've already gotten myself up to a 10 mile run so I'm feeling pretty confident! And I love that I get to much on more delish treats :).

  3. Hey, greetings from Malmö, Sweden (although I am originally from Chicago!) I have been searching for an easy to make Flodni recipe ever since I visited Budapest twice in the space of 4 months and got addicted. Incidentally, whilst there I was told that this pastry is particularly a Jewish Hungarian cake. In fact, when I showed a photo (that I'd taken on my phone after it was love at first bite) to a few folks outside of the Jewish Quarter, they had not heard of it. Just FYI.