Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wedding Planning Wednesday

Flower time!  This is a topic that I know very little about.  So, I have been all over pinterest and I have been trying to educate myself.

At this point, we have met with two different florists to get information about options and pricing.  We went to Four Finches and to Pollen.  Both sounded pretty amazing so now we are just weighing our options and figuring out where we want our budget to be.  I think it's pretty crazy how expensive flowers can be!  I am that super practical person who thinks, "Why pay so much for something that is going to die so quickly?"  However, I want our wedding to be beautiful and flowers do have a special way of making everything look magical.  I am also liking the look of something a little rustic with lots of candlelight.  I hope that everything turns out wonderful and I can't wait to share pictures as we start to make choices on decor!

For now, check out my pinterest page and let me know what you think! I love hearing ideas so please keep them coming!