Monday, September 21, 2015

Marathon Training Monday: Ready to Run 20 Miler!

Sorry I took a bit of break last crazy life finally caught up to me and I just couldn't focus on everything at once!  However, I am back and ready to tell you about my fabulous experience in the CARA Ready to Run 20 Miler!  This "race" is a training run that it supposed to make you feel like you are a ready to run the marathon.  20 miles is the longest run during training and you are supposed to treat it like a dress rehearsal for the marathon.  So, I packed a gear bag, put my race bib on, had a delish pasta dinner the night before, and tried my very best to get a good night's sleep.  

For those of you who have never packed a gear bag, here is what I suggest:
-Clean undies, pants/shorts, and a shirt.  I didn't pack a shirt because we got a shirt at the finish line, but typically I do
-Flip Flops (all I ever want is to take off my sweaty socks so these feel great)
-An ID and some money 
-My glasses
-Wipes-you're gonna be sweaty so this helps! 
Put some of these things into a plastic bag.  That way, when you take off your gross stuff, you can stash it in the bag and it won't touch your other things!

I did not bring music with me as I had a bunch of running buddies:

Me and Jana
Our starting line selfie with some of the Perfect Tens

This was a training run, so you run with a pace group as best as you can.  I stayed with my pace group the entire time!  We chatted, laughed, high fived each other, and all got beers at the finish line.

It was a beautiful day out and the run went great! I totally feel ready to rock the Chicago Marathon in a couple weeks!  For now, we taper, rest up, and stay healthy!  

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