Saturday, November 10, 2012

Caramel Apples

The Little Sisters of Delta Theta Sigma are some of my favorite people on this campus.  I love this organization and I love all the great ladies I have met in this group.  This is my last semester being "active" with the group because of my student teaching in the Spring.  I am sad to be almost done with these girls, but I have decided to go out with a bang.

 This semester, I am Sister RA (where I make sure that people are feeling okay and helping out anyone who is going through any sort of hard times), I am Academic Chair (I reserve study rooms once a week and make sure that there are plenty of yummy baked goods for people to snack on as they study), and for the first time, I ran for Fundraising Chair.  I was really nervous about Fundraising Chair because it was something new and something I was not so sure I would be good at.  However, I have done my best to be creative and get us involved in various fundraisers to help support our group.  First we had a Cup Night, at a local bar/restaurant.  This helped to get us over $300!  I was so surprised at how successful it was and it gave me a lot of confidence that I could do a good job as Fundraising Chair.  Then, I wanted to do something that really reflected some of my strengths   So, we did a bake sale! And, not just any bake sale, but we made and decorated caramel apples and then sold them! It was great.  People loved the caramel apples and many people even gave us extra donations! Making and selling the apples was also a really fun way to bring the girls together!

Caramel Apples

8 bags caramels
40 medium granny smith apples
peanuts, chopped
pecans, chopped
mini M&Ms
oreos, crumbled
reeses, chopped
sandwich bags

1. Melt the caramels and 6-8 tbsb of water in a crockpot on medium until melted.
2.  Stick the sticks into the apples.  Dip them in the crockpot and then let the caramel drip off for a few seconds.  Then, take a knife and scrape off the bottom of the apple.  Then place on wax paper if leaving plain, or dip in your toppings.  This allows the caramel to form an even layer and not pool at the bottom.
3.  If using toppings, roll the dipped apple in the toppings of your choice and then place in the plastic bags to wrap up.

Enjoy :)

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