Thursday, January 21, 2016

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Guys, I am such a grown up.  Bri and I had a meeting last night with our REAL ESTATE AGENT.  We are officially starting our new home search and we couldn't be more pumped about becoming first time homeowners!!! No more of this renting silliness.  We are using words like invest and mortgage.  It's super crazy and I feel old.  

I am also a little fascinated by the fact that I am super excited to have an in unit washer and dryer.  I think this may actually be the determining factor on if you are an adult or not.  Do you get excited about having an in unit washer or dryer? If yes, then congrats, you are an adult.  Seriously, I couldn't be more pumped up about it.  I keep saying things like "I've made it!" and "I can't wait to leave things in the dryer and just grab them as needed."  I feel that this is both adorable and sad, but I am okay with it.

So, to celebrate the beginning of this house hunting journey and my path towards laundry-ease, I am sharing a recipe for Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake.  YUM! Plus, this cake has NO flour.  Just three layers of chocolatey goodness with a dense flourless dark chocolate cake-like base, chocolate mousse center, and white chocolate mousse top.  

This cake was a huge hit.  I brought it in for a staff potluck, and people told me that it was so good I should get paid to make it.  I should start charging people for the delicious things I make.  But, then I would think of it like a job instead of fun, so I am going to stick to making people happy with free treats.  

Today is also my half birthday and while I know that is not actually a thing, it is another small reason to celebrate so here you go:

Follow the link for the recipe at Tastebook since I barely changed anything.  Here are the few suggestions/things that I did to make this cake a success:

1. Find good quality chocolate.  It makes a difference.
2. CHILL.  Let things chill for a LONG time.  Then, putting the cake together works so much better.  
3. I found that my white chocolate layer didn't firm up like it should so in the future I would add a pinch more gelatin and let it cool even longer. 
4., Whenever the recipe said to whip something until soft peaks formed, I whipped until stiff-er peaks formed.  This makes the mousse more airy and light which I love.  

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