Monday, January 11, 2016

Marathon Training Mondays

It is the beginning of week 3 of marathon training!  I feel like something that I actually love about training is that it really does make time seem to fly by.  Right now, in the dead of winter, I am a fan of time flying.

On Saturday, I returned to my wonderful CARA running group for a fantastic 7 mile run along Chicago's Lakeshore Path.  It was amazing and the weather was so not wintery!  If you have never run with another person, you should try it.  This is especially true for all you "non-runners" out there.  Even if you only go a couple blocks, running with other people is run, you get to know each other really well because you chat while you run, and it makes the time fly by.

This week the mileage is increasing a bit.  I have to run 3/4/3/5.  So, while my mid-week run is longer, the weekend run is actually a cut back!  When we have cutback weeks, my running group always has a happy hour on fun is that?

Alright you crazy runners, I am off to run my 3 miles and I hope you all have a great Monday!


  1. It is so exciting news. Congratulations .

  2. It is so exciting news. Congratulations .