Monday, October 12, 2015

My Second Marathon!

Guys...I killed it!  It was 15 degrees hotter than last year and the last three miles were tough, but yesterday, I finished the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.  Plus, I did it in 4 hours, 30  minutes, and 7 seconds.  This is 7 minutes FASTER than last year!  It was amazing. 

I got ready by laying out all my clothes and gear bag the night before and I went to Caro Mio for a delicious pasta dinner.  I had one glass of wine with dinner (I figured it might help me fall asleep) and I didn't overeat.  I just enjoyed my pasta until I was full and brought home leftovers.  Then in the morning, I got dressed, ate breakfast, drank coffee, and took some advil.  I also made sure my name was stuck to my shirt and put on sunscreen.  Finally, I took my running belt with 4 Gu's, chapstick (for chafing), my phone and headphones and I was ready to go.  I wore a long sleeve throw-away shirt over everything since it was chilly and it was perfect.  

All ready to go!
Lauren and I are ready!
It was her first marathon and she killed it as well! 
Around mile 15 I found Bri!
After the race, I felt so stiff and so awesome all at once.  Like I said earlier, it was hot so the last 3 miles up Michigan Avenue were tough.  Then, you have to power through this stupid hill on Roosevelt.  But then, you can see the finish.  I didn't think about how tired or hot or sore I was, I just ran and it was awesome.  Here are some after shots:

Right after...

Celebrating with our families and friends!

And this is the best WHATEVER you want :)

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