Monday, October 5, 2015

Marathon Training Monday: The Final Countdown

9 miles left.

That's it! This past Saturday was the last training run with my CARA buddies.  We ran 8 miles and it didn't even feel like anything.  I feel great.  I am so excited. And now it is time to run these last 9 miles (3, 4, 2) and prepare for the big day: Sunday.  

This week is all about rest and food.  Nutrition is so important at this point and I am getting ready by eating my carbs, but not overdoing it.  I am wearing flats to school so that I don't put extra stress on my feet and ankles.  I am also planning out this upcoming weekend.  

The day before, my parents are coming down to Chicago for brunch and then we are all going to head to the expo together to pick up my race swag and check out all the vendors.  The expo is pretty great and I am excited to shop for a new marathon clothing item.  Then, we are going to head back to our apartment to chill before a delish pasta dinner st Caro Mio.  I can't wait and it should be the perfect day before the big one. 

So, the next time I talk about marathons, I'll have finished my second one! Wish me luck :) 

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