Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend in Madison

I just had a super fun weekend! On Friday, Anna and I drove up to Madison, stayed with my friends, Russ and Ryan, and had a super fun time going out for amazing dinners, visiting a winery, and having an all around blast.

On Friday, my friend Tamara had the brilliant idea to go to Mariner's Inn for Restaurant Week.  That means, for $25 I got to have clam chowder, surf and turf, and key lime pie.  It was all delicious and it was a great way to kick off our weekend away.

On Saturday, we woke up and walked over to the Farmer's Market.  We picked up fresh raspberries, cheese curds, and a mini apple pie.  Then, we got Cosi sandwiches and salads and met up with Tamara to go to Wollersheim Winery. We had our amazing picnic lunch and toured the winery.  It was very interesting and, of course, we all got wine! It was a lovely afternoon.

After returning to campus, Anna and I walked around State Street and then got ready for dinner with Russ at the Old Fashioned.  This is one of my favorite restaurants and it did not disappoint!  Also, Anna got to try her first Old Fashioned Cheese Curds (the best in Madison!).

Overall, this was just a fantastic weekend and we even got to see Anna's grandpa on our way home in Milwaukee!  It was really fun to get away and see such great friends.  Next weekend, I will be moving to Chicago! Ah! Can't believe it is almost here!

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