Monday, April 25, 2016

Marathon Training Monday: Eventbrite and my Favorite Races

So, something super cool happened recently.  Eventbrite inspired me to chat about some of my favorite races.  Eventbrite is the largest self-service ticketing platform.  You can use them to create your own events!  Just go to their Event Planning and Management page and sign up!  They help you get organized and get everything you need to get your event planned and make it happen!

Races are obviously some of my favorite events.  One of my favorite races of all time was the Chicago Marathon.  It is such a terrific event and although I was super nervous to be running a marathon, the event was so well run that it made a lot of my anxieties go away and I could just focus on being there and running well.  I felt like I just had to talk about this phenomenal race today because I was just accepted through the lottery system to run it for my THIRD time!

To prepare for a marathon, I start the week before.  I drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, I eat normally (I don't try anything new), and I wear comfortable footwear.  I start to lay out everything that I will need for race day a few days in advance.  This includes my running outfit, but also my energy gus, sunscreen, chapstick, advil and whatever else I feel like I may need.  Then, I make a reservation at an Italian restaurant for the night before so I can get that typical carb-loading dinner in.  Basically, I have everything planned out and ready to go.  The Chicago Marathon itself is very much the same way.  They have everything super organized and well planned.  When you get there crazy early in the morning and you are feeling nervous, there are plenty of volunteers and signs helping you find your way.  They also have tons of water and gatorade, supplies you may need, and tents for you to change in just in case you need that space.  They are playing music and the overall atmosphere is just inspiring.  This is what really gets me into running and makes me want to run more!

Eventbrite is really great because you can create your own events and they support you by helping with all the logistics as well as the web page.  If I were to create an event, I would want it to embody the same sort of spirit as well as organization as the Chicago Marathon.  Maybe one day I will host my own event!

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