Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Marathon Training Monday: The 20 Miler!

Ok, so it is Tuesday, but I was super lazy and didn't post yesterday.  I am feeling super lazy because this past weekend was moving weekend and the 20 miler.  Basically, I am super exhausted.  However, I am also super proud that I completed the 20 miler.

This past Saturday, I ran 20 miles along the Chicago Lake Shore Path.  It was the most difficult and most miserable run I have ever been apart of.  For 10 miles, we ran on ice (take a look at that pic above) and then for another 10 miles we ran into super strong/cold wind.  My face felt destroyed and my legs were hurting so much by the end.  I started the run nervous because I was already sore from moving.  Then, that ice just made me miserable.  You run differently on ice and you hold a lot of strain in your body.  Thus, I am still a little sore.  I also know that if I can do what I did on Saturday, I can definitely run a marathon.  AND, the plus side is now it is TAPER TIME!

Taper means we run less and less over the next few weeks in preparation for race day.  I am officially 18 days from race day and I couldn't be more excited to be at this point and finally tapering.  This week the mileage is 5, 8, 5 and 12.  I know this still sounds like a lot, but it is a far cry from last week's 6, 8, 6, 20.  So, I am very excited.

At this point in training, I am also hungry all of the time! It is sort of crazy.  So, I keep a lot of high protein snacks (like almonds or greek yogurt) nearby at all times.  I also celebrated the completion of the 20 miler with a bloody mary/brunch at Roots.  You even get a mozzarella stick on top of your bloody mary!

I am also stretching and resting as much as I can and I only wear comfy flats to school.  Overall, I am trying my best to take care of myself and get ready for the big day!

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