Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wedding Planning Wednesday Part 2

The next big step in our wedding planning adventure was an Engagement Party!

Adorable Homemade Sign by my Mommy :)

My parents planned a lovely party for us that we had at their house.  There was great food ordered in from Salerno's di Lucca and Portillo's and desserts from Gotta Sweet Tooth.  There was also this AH-mazing red velvet (my favorite) cake from Bent Fork Bakery.  My mom and I also picked out some appetizers from local grocery stores and we were ready to go! 

Apples from Gotta Sweet Tooth
My little brother, the host of Thirsty Thursdays, was, of course, our bartender.  He came up with a great menu and provided the night with a lot of great drinks and fun!

Zack's Drink Menu
I had to wear a white dress and Bri and I even coordinated with him in a blue tie and me in my new blue shoes.  It was an amazing night with our friends and family and it made us so happy to see how much support and love we have behind us as we embark on our marriage! 
Our Bent Fork Bakery Cake

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