Monday, April 20, 2015

Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8K

I just got back from a 10.5 mile run.  I ran about 10 minute miles and it was beautiful out so I was a happy camper.  I did notice that my legs felt pretty stiff towards the end, but I think this is because it was my first double digit run in quite some time.  I have been so busy lately between Spring Break, parent conferences, and a weekend away that I haven't had a ton of time for running.  I was a little nervous about 10 miles after not running as much, but I did it!

My latest race was the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle.  This race is an 8K which means it is about 5 miles.  The Chicago race started and ended in Grant Park and was chilly, but still a really nice day.  I would recommend this race to anyone who has already run a 5K and is looking for a little challenge.  If you can do a 5K then you can totally do an 8K!  There are tons of good training schedules online so grab a friend or your headphones and get out there and jog!  Now that the weather is finally nice again there is no excuse not to try! There is the Cinco de Miler coming up that would be a great option! Starting in June, I will be training for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  So, if anyone out there is looking for a "training buddy" let me know! Here are some fun photos of my and my running buddy Alison after our Shamrock Shuffle!

great race! 

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