Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oreo Pie

Today was exhausting.  I felt like I ran a marathon.  I taught all day, tutored after school, ran 5 miles, met up with Max for dinner at Roast and now I am, finally, sitting down and relaxing for a bit.

School was pretty great.  I set up 7 stations for the students to rotate through.  These stations had context problems to help the students apply new information, a few review problems on old information, and two mini quizzes to formatively assess the students on a variety of information.  One of my students even thanked me for the fun activity.  It was pretty great.  I wouldn't want to do this too much, but this was a nice way to get students up and moving around.  Plus, it allowed me to work with a bunch of students on problems that were more of a struggle.

After tutoring and my run, it was great to see Max for dinner and I had an awesome sandwich.  Now, I am chilling, watching Grey's Anatomy, waiting for a cake to get out of the oven, and getting ready to sleep! Tomorrow is a test day, so I am excited to relax a little and get caught up on some grading.  And then...SPRING BREAK...well, after Friday, but still, I'm so close!

I have yet another pie to share today.  This one was a huge hit and all the kids were asking for the recipe.  Well, here you go! Cookies and Cream Pie.  It's a no-bake pie that requires FOUR ingredients.  Yep, thats all.

Cookies and Cream Pie

1 oreo pie crust
8 oz cream cheese
2 cups cool whip
1/3 cup sugar
8-10 oreos, crushed

1. Beat cream cheese and cool whip until well combined.  Beat in sugar until creamy.  Stir in cookie crumbs.  Pour into pie crust and let chill for at least 2 hours.

Enjoy :)


  1. I feel like this might be even better as an ice cream cake of sorts, with a cool whip topping?

  2. Oreo pie? Oh yeah, Jodie thanks for sharing and co-hosting at Foodie Friends Friday!

  3. How can ya possibly beat this for quick & delicious??? Fabulous recipe. Pinning!!