Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wedding Planning Wednesday: Tux Shopping and Updates

He said yes to the tux!  Last weekend, we went to Men's Wearhouse and picked out the tuxes for the groomsmen as well as my groom.  Bri, 3 groomsmen, one bridesman, and me all went together and they all got fitted while I picked out the colors of everything.  It was tons of fun.  I brought a swatch of my bridesmaids color so that we could be confident about matching the color and making sure everything looked nice together.

That same weekend, I also had my makeup trial!  I absolutely loved the way I looked and I am excited to announce that I have found my make-up person!  I highly recommend Jaycie.  She was super nice, I looked amazing, and as someone who hardly wears a lot of makeup, I was excited by how natural I looked and how comfortable I felt.  We had a fancy party to go to that evening the makeup held up perfectly.  I am so excited for the actual day to come around so I can look that amazing again!

And finally, I finished up all 300 of the mini mason jar candles that I started awhile back.  So, now I just have to decorate them!  I am going to go with a thin purple ribbon around the lid of the jar and then I am getting our logo made into a stamp so that we can stamp the lids.  It is going to be super cute!

Now, we have to finish up invitations (we have the designs all complete, but we need to get them printed) and then it's just small details until the big day!

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