Monday, March 28, 2016

Marathon Training Monday: 18 Miles

Ouch.  This run was tough.  I mean it's 18 miles and that is just plain tough, but for some reason my legs just felt super exhausted the entire time.  That being said, I finished, I ran 10 minute miles the whole time, and I made it through despite my tired legs.  This makes me feel super confident about the race ahead of me.

I'm not sure I would have run continuously had I not had a group to hold me accountable.  Plus, it helped that my running buddies were all going to brunch after the run.  So, long story short, I ran for delicious brunch.  And, the brunch totally delivered.

This week the mileage really increases again.  I have 6, 8, 5, and 14.  This is also the week before "peak week" where you run a ton and end the week with the big 20 miler.  I can't believe I am at this point again!

In other marathon news, I GOT INTO NEW YORK!!!! I am super freaking pumped.  I can't believe it!  I entered my name into the lottery months ago and I found out that I am in! So, on November 6th, I will be joining the thousands of runners who flock to NYC to run through the 5 boroughs!  I am so excited :)

I am also pretty jazzed about the fact that I just got some new shoes and a bunch of new gu gels for all my crazy running.  I have also stopped going to my boot camp class because it was just too much.  I'll pick this up after the race on April 30th, but until then instead of more legwork, I am doing lots of stretching and resting when I am not running all over the place.  With the marathon only 34 days away I want to make sure I am doing everything I can to get ready and not hurt myself!

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