Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lexington, KY

It's the first day of our roadtrip to South Carolina and it has already been an adventure.

First, there was a fairly epic snowstorm in Indiana that made driving rather difficult. We stopped for lunch at a Steak and Shake because it was the only thing still opened in good old Lebanon, Indiana. I haven't had food from that place in ages and it was pretty delicious! Then it was back on the road for more crawling along through the storm.

Road conditions eventually improved and we finally made it to Lexington. We had a yummy dinner at the Smashing Tomato and then got dessert at Coldstone! They have frozen yogurt now! It was a stressful driving trip, but ultimately nice day.

We returned to our hotel where Bri and I were able to get in a workout at the fitness center and then we all got some sleep. We gotta get ready for more driving tomorrow as we make our way to South Carolina!

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