Monday, May 18, 2015

Chicago Marathon 2015

I'm in!  I decided to run the chicago marathon and support this fantastic organization, Have Dreams.  Running for Team Have Dreams means that I will be helping support students with Autism all over the Chicago-land Area.  I am very excited about running my second marathon and I think that this organization is truly wonderful.  If you would like to learn more about Team Have Dreams or if you could help me achieve my goal, I would truly appreciate that!  Check out more at my site: Team Have Dreams - JodieB.

Marathon training is a little ridiculous.  I was looking over the training schedule from last year and I guess I sorta forgot hot intense it gets and how quickly that happens.  Training kick-off is June 13th and I will be training with CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association) again.  My buddy, Jana, who ran the last race with me, is also running again.  Plus, my friends Lauren, Ashley, and Hannah, are also all signed up to run their first marathon!  I am so proud of them for signing up and I am so excited for our shared experiences through these next 4-5 crazy months!

With training right around the corner, I'm looking into buying 2 new pairs of shoes.  Two pairs is the way to go because you burn through the first pair before you get to race day, but you want to break in the second pair before actually running the real thing.  I wear my first pair until peak week (where you run the 20 miler), and then I switch to my second pair for the final three weeks before the race.  Training also means I am re-stocking my running gels, tank-tops, and pants.

Running marathons takes a lot, but it helps me focus on a goal and it is something that for some crazy reason I love.  I am super pumped to see how this one goes and hopefully I even set a new PR! So, get ready for some new Marathon Monday posts about my running experiences!

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