Thursday, May 7, 2015

Brewery Tours in Chicago

Oy vey! I fell behind!  I assigned a project for my Geometry kiddos to work on last week and this week I had to grade all their work!  Therefore, I fell a little behind.  Also, I have finals for my online graduate level classes so I have been working on those as well.  The good news is that I finished most of my work for the finals and I finished grading all the projects so now I am in a very happy place.  On top of all that productivity, Scandal and Grey's Anatomy are on tonight! Yay!  

In honor of this happy Thursday, I have to tell you all about some great breweries Bri and I looked at recently.  We did a mini Chicago Brewery Tour and tasted beers at Vice District Brewery and Haymarket.  Both places were great.  
Vice District Brewery
Vice District does not do food, so we went there first, and then we had dinner and drinks at Haymarket.  The food there is so yummy so you have to eat while you are there.  Basically, I think we had a great plan and I highly recommend doing something similar.  It was so great to pretend to be tourist in the city where we live! If you search for breweries in Chicago, the top three are Half Acre (been there), Revolution (been there a few times), and Haymarket.   We just had to go :) 

Any suggestions to widen our brewery search?  We are big fans of trying new things and finding good food along the way! 


  1. You should do the Evanston brewery tour. Those breweries are temperance, sketchbook, and smylie brothers.