Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Munich 6

Munich Day 6

We only have one day to spend in Munich and it is not even a full day.  We fly out of here tomorrow and we fly into London.  Then it’s back home to Chicago.  We arrived in Munich by train and it was not nearly as scenic as our trip from Vienna to Salzburg.  Also, we had a lot of trouble getting tickets as we got the wrong ones from the machine, had to exchange them for the right ones, and then the person who sold us the ticket told us to go to the wrong platform.  Finally, we figured everything out and got on the right train.  After all that, it was a really nice ride. 

Munich is a pretty big city and from what we can tell, there is a TON of shopping.  We left our bags at the hostel and walked to the old city section to find some lunch.  Lunch was just okay.  It was Sunday and not much is opened on Sundays.  Hardly any restaurants and no shops were opened.  We ate, I finally got a decent salad, and then took our hostels advice and climbed a church tower to get a good view of the city.  This was pretty cool except that it seemed our good luck with weather had finally ran out.  It was really cold and almost always raining.  It was also super windy.  I was not pleased.  We climbed back down and went to a café for a snack and to warm up.  We shared a delicious chocolate croissant (I was craving one this whole trip) and got, of course, a pretzel.  Brian noted that the pretzels here are slightly better than the ones at the baseball stadiums.  Good observation. After our snack we headed back out to check out another area of the city where the palace is and some gardens. 

Again, the weather was pretty awful so we took some quick photos of the buildings, which were pretty fantastic, and viewed the gardens from under a walkway.  This same walkway had an elevator that lowered into the train stations.  We both agreed that this would be the best way to travel seeing as how awful the weather was.  Also, we were curious to see just how nice and orderly these German trains were. 

The trains were fantastic.  We were able to get around a lot of the city in no time at all.  We went to the Oktoberfest location and where the Munich Olympics were held.  Oktoberfest was a big field with no grass and not much else.  The Olympic area was much nicer and it was really neat to see the whole arena and stadium.  However, my feet were now so cold that I was pretty miserable and so we headed back to the main square to see if we could find a nice place for dinner before heading back to the hostel.
BMW Museum 

Train Station
The Rathskeller was one of the few opened restaurants and I felt immediately attracted to it since it reminded me of school and the Rathskeller in our union there.  It also ended up being really nice, having a huge selection of food, and many vegetarian options.  Brian and I felt that maybe our luck was turning around and Munich wasn’t going to be so bad after all.  In fact, at the end of the meal our waiter asked us if we were tourists and then showed up a map to get to some famous places nearby.  This was so nice of him and we were so grateful for the advice.  We headed out to find the Hofbrauhaus, which is a very old and very famous beer hall.  This beer hall can hold up to 7000 people.  We found it and we walked around.  There were tons of people eating and drinking and there was even a traditional German band.  This was really neat to see and we were so glad our waiter had helped us out.  If you ever want to find it, it is also across from the Munich Hard Rock Café, which we found pretty amusing.  Afterwards, we left to head back to our hostel. 


I read, Brian napped, and we both enjoyed the time to warm up and dry off from all the cold rain.  I was also extremely excited to find a hair dryer in the bathroom! I seriously almost started to cry it was so exciting.  Also, at the hostel they brag about this legendary bar area.  After resting, we headed downstairs to check it out.  I don’t know about legendary, but it was fun and we had a generally good time with our last day.  It didn’t start out the greatest, but it improved throughout the entire day and we were glad to get to see some of Germany on this trip.  Now it’s time for bed before our long day of traveling tomorrow.  See you soon Chicago!

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